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Shanghai Qishui has become the core partner of Siemens in East China by virtue of its technical strength and the advantages of its operation, design and manufacturing entities.


After years of development, the cooperation between Shanghai Qishui and Siemens is getting deeper and wider. The company's business covers all provinces and cities in China.At the same time, the company has undertaken many projects in Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other countries, all achieved a successful success, and received wide praise from customers at home and abroad.

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We have rich experience in the application and practice of automation products and strong technical force, especially in PLC complex control systems, transmission technology applications The company's technical specialty is PLC complex control system, transmission technology application, servo control system, CNC spare parts, human-machine interface and network/software application.

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In the past few years, Shanghai Qishui Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has established a good mutual cooperation relationship with Siemens Automation and Drive Department in the process of long-term close cooperation,
and the business in programmable controllers, AC and DC drives has grown exponentially year by year, providing the majority of users with Siemens' new technology and solutions for automatic control.

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※ With Our Technical Strength And Operational Advantages, We Have Become The Core Partner Of Siemens In East China.



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