• SIMOTICS S-1FT7 Servomotors SIMOTICS S-1FT7 Servomotors
  • SIMOTICS S-1FT7 Servomotors
SIMOTICS S-1FT7 Servomotors
SIMOTICS S-1FT7 Servomotors
SIMOTICS S-1FT7 Servomotors
SIMOTICS S-1FT7 servomotors are permanent-magnet synchronous motors with very compact dimensions.
Power Range

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Servomotors for every motion task


Whether positioning, angular synchronism, cyclic drive or path control in machine tools: with SIMOTICS servomotors from Siemens, you benefit from high dynamics, precision, compactness and ruggedness.


  • High degree of efficiency and fourfold overload capability (for natural cooling)

  • High surface quality on the workpiece due to high concentricity and low torque ripple

  • Optional natural cooling, forced ventilation or water cooling

  • Extremely rugged due to IP67 degree of protection and vibration-isolated encoder mounting

  • Optionally with absolute encoder or incremental encoder Easy to service and install thanks to cross profile, rotatable connector with quick-release fastener and exchangeable encoder

  • Digital DRIVE-CLiQ interface with electronic rating plate for optimum connection to SINAMICS S120 Optional: Zero-backlash holding brake and low-backlash planetary gearbox


  • Packaging machines

  • Plastics and textile machines

  • Printing machines

  • Wood, glass, ceramics and stone working

  • Robots, handling systems and conveyor technology

  • Feed and auxiliary axes for machine tools

Overview of the product range


For high-performance motion tasks in the torque range up to 280 Nm, our motion control motors in the SIMOTICS S-1FT7 series are fully in their element. They are also available in two different versions with different types of cooling.


  Compact (CT) Multiple heads for different usage
Rated speed* 1500 - 6000 rpm 2000 - 4500 rpm
Rated power* 0.85 kW - 45.5 kW 3.8 kW - 21.7 kW
Rated torque* 2 Nm - 250 Nm 11 Nm - 82 Nm
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